Atlanta Hawks rookie posts picture of himself dunking on Brandon Ingram on NBA 2K, and Lonzo Ball isn’t happy about it

As Joel Embiid showed us recently, NBA 2K can often be a sensitive subject with players.

Add Lonzo Ball to the list of players chiming in, but this time he’s trying to stick up for a fellow teammate who doesn’t look so hot in the video game.

When John Collins, a rookie with the Atlanta Hawks, found out that he’ll be a 73 this season, he shared a picture of himself dunking over Lakers forward Brandon Ingram.

Fellow Hawks teammate Malcolm Delaney chimed in and mode a bold prediction about that 2K dunk translating onto the actual court.

Ball, not happy to see his teammate looking (unfairly) soft in the video game, responded to Collins’ boasting by tweeting that 2K will “lose a customer” if they don’t change that picture of Ingram within 24 hours.

Obviously, Collins has an important stake in the matter and was quick to respond to Ball and NBA 2K.

There’s no word yet on whether or not NBA 2K will “lose a customer,” but to keep the people happy, Collins shared a reverse picture of Ingram dunking on him.

For now, it looks like a crisis has been avoided. The NBA 2K battles live on.

Isaac Chipps

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